Resort Gold Plated Napkin Holder Set of 4 – Viviane Guenoun

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Resort Gold Plated Napkin Holder Set of 4

Product image 1resort-gold-plated-napkin-holder-set-of-4
Product image 2resort-gold-plated-napkin-holder-set-of-4
Product image 3resort-gold-plated-napkin-holder-set-of-4
Product image 4resort-gold-plated-napkin-holder-set-of-4
Product image 5resort-gold-plated-napkin-holder-set-of-4
Product image 6resort-gold-plated-napkin-holder-set-of-4
Product image 7resort-gold-plated-napkin-holder-set-of-4
Product image 8resort-gold-plated-napkin-holder-set-of-4
Product image 9resort-gold-plated-napkin-holder-set-of-4
Product image 10resort-gold-plated-napkin-holder-set-of-4

Regular price $24.00 Sale price $37.50

  • Materials: Gold Plated Brass
  • Measurements: Width: 1,60 in Length: 2,20 in
  • Weight: 37,8 gr
  • Adjustable to napkin style size
  • Gift Wrap, exclusive designer packing



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