Warranty & Care Instructions – Viviane Guenoun

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Warranty & Care Instructions

 *Did you know that your VG jewelry has a 6 MONTH WARRANTY?

*To evaluate the validity of the 6 MONTH WARRANTY, kindly send an email with an attached photo of the piece, approximate date of purchase, and the city where it is located.

PLEASE Follow these care recommendations.

* Our jewelry is made using a gold electroplating process. Some people with a higher skin PH may produce a performance contrary to the adhesion of the gold particles to the piece.

*We recommend cleaning your pieces with a cotton ball and a little alcohol or rubbing it lightly with a soft cloth.

*Avoid using creams in the area where you will wear your jewelry (neck, arms).

*Apply your perfume, if any, before wearing your jewelry.

* Store your jewelry in a dry place avoiding contact with water.

*Remove your jewelry if you are taking a bath in a swimming pool, the sea, sauna, or going to a spa.

*Remove your jewelry if you are going to do sports activities.

*Avoid contact with weights or other metal objects.






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