Interchangeable Belts & Buckles – Viviane Guenoun

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Interchangeable Belts & Buckles

Interchangeable belt buckle that you can Mix & Match with multiple belts that match your outfit.

Each piece is carefully designed and hand-made  

Viviane Guenoun's “Buckles & Belts” will add polish to any outfit. Buckles that are inspired by tubes collection. Made by structural geometric elements an lineal tubes for achieving architectural pieces. You will be able to choose between gold plated and silver color buckle (except for bicolor pieces by nature); and a variety of leather sleek that has multiple perforations for a perfect fit. 

Custom Initials Interchangeable Belt Buckle


Unique Statement Belt Buckle


Round Custom Initials Interchangeable Belt Buckle


Animal-Print Belt - No Buckle



Bicolor Statement Small Tubes Buckle


Unique Square Belt Buckle


Unique Oval Belt Buckle


Various Colors  Leather Belt

Various Colors Leather Belt


Unique Rectangle Belt Buckle


Various Black Leather Belt


Various Brown Leather Belt


Round Casual Belt Buckle


Unique Tubes Belt Buckle


Uniform Tubes Belt Buckle


Rectangle Casual Buckle


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