FALL / WINTER – Viviane Guenoun

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Custom Initials Pin / Brooch


On Sale

Maxi Initial Alphabet Letter

$24.00 $48.00

On Sale

Statement Multitubes Ring

$90.00 $120.00

Impressive Maxi Bracelet Cuff


Vintage Maxi Figaro Chain Necklace


Chunky Chain Necklace with Pearl Pendant


Words Pin / Brooch


Resort Curl Bracelet Cuff


Ring Type Necklace



Multiple Rings Geometric Necklace




Chunky Lariat Necklace with Pearl Pendant


Stud  Pearl Earrings Clip On

Stud Pearl Earrings Clip On


Bicolor Adjustable Bracelet Cuff


On Sale


Curved Elegant Simple Earrings

$18.00 $24.00

Star Earring Stud Small


Stud Leaves Statement Earrings


Small Italian Cornicello Pendant


Sold Out

Resort Bugs Cuff Bracelet

Sold Out

On Sale

Mini Bee Earrings

$15.00 $24.00

Gold Plated Bicolor Bracelet

Gold Plated Bicolor Bracelet


Curve Asimetric Earrings


Custom Initials Interchangeable Belt Buckle


Adjustable Resort Choker Necklace


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