KEY JEWELRY TREND – Viviane Guenoun

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KEY,  When worn, it's a reminder to follow your bliss and doors will open for you in ways you can’t conceive.

Having a keychain, what a blessing!!!

Think about it!!

If you have various keys it means that you have a place to go, or someone trusted you with their property. You have a car, and you have possessions that you want to take care of. You have a space for your own privacy, or you have a job with a lot of responsibility

And when you receive the gift of a keychain it means that you transmit confidence and security.

This keychain was created with you in mind!!!
A woman with decision-making power and many responsibilities.

The perfect design for us MULTITASKING women, that allows us to do what we do best: Several things at the same time!.

Key Pendant Set of 4

Key Pendant Set of 4


Bracelet Wristlet Keychain


On Sale

Happy Face Key Holder

Happy Face Key Holder

$18.00 $24.00

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