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"Upcycling Experience"

My the new creative proposal.This concept is a sustainable technique that I have instinctively been using for many years..


 Always at the forefront in the creation and design of jewelry and accessories, I join the trend of supra-recycling, known internationally as “upcycling”.

 Old design gets a new life

This concept of upcycling or creative recycling, a growing trend in 2021, is asustainable technique that I had instinctively been using for many years.


In the atelier, with more than 30 years of existence in Caracas, Venezuela, I design my new collection of bijouterie and accessories taking advantage of discarded materials or residues, creating innovative products of better quality for the  classic or daring woman who wants to be fashionable and trendy.

Upcycled material in a new design 

I innovate by adding a new proposal the "Upcycle Bar Experience", a movable counter for events aimed at young followers of sustainable consumption trends, who wish to use their creativity and live an experience by combining different pieces of their choice.

 We create POPUP Stores to get people to know our Upcycled Jewelry 


Our customers love to interact with the pieces and creat customized jewelry


Viviane Guenoun"s Upcycling Bar Experience


Great customize jewelry pieces from Viviane Guenoun


From a very young age my father has focused  his teachings on my sisters an me to be empowered, self-sufficient, and aware of the use of raw materials at work, so over the years I have applied the reuse of materials in the creation, design and production of my pieces.



 My dad, my sister and me at Tangier, Morocco 1985


Fashion is part of human history, it reflects culture, values, technical advances. This proposal "Upcycling" translates into a platform for artistic expression that at the same time generates positive impact and awareness in those who wear her pieces.


 Viviane Guenoun

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