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Custom Initials Pin / Brooch

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Product image 2custom-initials-pin-brooch
Product image 3Custom Initials Pin / Brooch
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Product image 17Custom Initials Pin / Brooch
Product image 18Custom Initials Pin / Brooch
Product image 19Custom Initials Pin / Brooch

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Please allow 4 week for manufacturing as all personalized pieces are made to order.

All personalized items are final sale


Create a personalized style by using these custom made initials pins in your purse, hat, or jacket.  You can express yourself with a word or personalize something with a simple initial.

Each piece is carefully designed and hand-made to make your unique monogram stand out.

Ideal for gifting, this alphabeth necklace hand made from gold plated brass. Make such a special gift because you can choose one to represent a loved one.

Wearing your initials adds an element of individuality to your look. Wear yours as an everyday signature, or gift it to someone special.

  • Materials: 24k Gold Plated or Nickel Plated Brass
  • Handmade Alphabeth Letters
  • Free Shipping to USA
  • Delivery time: 20-15 days

Gift Ideas:

  • Mother/Father's Day gift idea: Your kids initials letter always in your hand.
  • Friendship: Your BFF letter and  yours to embrace your friendship
  • Valentines gift idea: you and your love always together add a & between the initials.

Pendant Sizes: Please note these are average sizes, actual size depends on letters selection.


Regular Size (Height: 1.5 in)

Small Size (Height: 0.8 in)

# Letters Avg. Length: Avg. Length:
2 Letters 3 in 1.6 in
3 Letters 4.5 in 2.4 in
4 Letters 6 in 3.2 in
5 Letters 7.5 in 4.0 in
6 Letters 9 in 4.8 in

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