Bi-Color Small Italian Cornicello Pendant – Viviane Guenoun

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Bi-Color Small Italian Cornicello Pendant

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5cm Long. Gold Plated White Metal.

Luck's always a good thing, and the Italian Cornicello goes beyond that, implying that you have a say in making your luck.

*DYS = Please after adding the pendant, choose the type of necklace to wear this pendant with.

Designer Notes:

How cool is to wear a necklace do it by yourself. First choose your favorite pendant (1), then your necklace type(2), match it together (3) for a unique necklace.

The Italian Cornicello Necklace is the ultimate statement piece.

In Italy the Cornicello (Corno) is the most popular and ancient superstition in the region. Also known as the Italian Horn, this gently-shaped horn in red, gold or silver amulet, is symbolic of animal horns said to belong to the sacred Moon Goddess of Europe. The symbol bears protection for the wearer from the dreaded Evil Eye



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